About IQ Fit

IQ Fit Fitness & Wellness Center is Michigan’s premiere fitness and wellness company. We are the expert, nationally credentialed professionals getting Michigan in the best shape possible without “dieting” or boring cardio. We offer 1 on 1 personal fitness training, group fitness classes, athlete development and rehab services.

We have the most comprehensive program to ensure you get the fastest and safest results possible, but our commitment to exceeding your expectations is what really sets us apart.

Our personal training programs include a complete intake history of all medical conditions, drugs and supplements, orthopedic history, diet patterns, habits and other lifestyle factors. Our goal is to uncover every possible issue that can affect your goal achievement. Also included in our program is a 40-point physiological assessment, personalized wellness and nutrition guide, and a carefully crafted exercise prescription made for you and you only. Having trained over 1000 clients and logged over 20,000 hours in clinical and research experience, you can rest assured you will be counseled and trained by physiology experts.

Our health club is located just off I-127/I-496, minutes from Lansing, East Lansing, Holt, Dewitt, and Delta Township. We have been in operation for nearly 10 years and has grown from just a handful of clients to training over 100 per week, and still growing! This expansion is because of two main reasons: clients get REAL RESULTS and refer their family, friends and coworkers.

IQ Fit personal fitness training includes the following at NO EXTRA COST:

  • FREE consultation (no commitment required)
  • 40-point physiological assessment for posture, rotator cuff, knee, low back, etc
  • Body composition testing for body fat %, circumferences, etc
  • Testing all major joint articulations and all planes of motion
  • Private, first-class facility with private showers and lockers
  • Individual training stations (no sharing equipment)
  • Always one-on-one with an expert professional trainer at each session
  • Group classes that are challenging, safe and fun
  • Carefully crafted exercise prescription designed exclusively for you
  • Gym or home programs to compliment training at IQFit
  • Energy systems work (a.k.a. “cardio”) programs for home or gym
  • Personalized nutrition and wellness program (NEVER “DIET” AGAIN!)
  • Nutrition physiology education to understand the affects of your choices
  • References for healthy recipes and meal creation guide
  • Grocery list of preferred (not mandatory) foods
  • Supplement guide; common deficiencies and how to avoid them
  • Complimentary hand towel and filtered water service
  • Two FREE sessions or $40 supplement credit for sending us new clients

The best way to select a program is not by price, but rather by seeing if their philosophy is aligned with yours. Please browse our site to see if we are a good fit for you, and then make a complimentary consultation at your convenience to meet our team and see our first-class facility.


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Our Core Values:

  1. Exemplify integrity at all times.
  2. Improve yourself daily.
  3. Only have great days.
  4. Exceed expectations.
  5. Immediately resolve concerns.
  6. Communicate with clear understanding.
  7. Be “we,” not “me.”
  8. Be a pro in all aspects.
  9. Timeliness shows respect.
  10. Have fun everyday.
  11. Clients’ needs come first.
  12. Learn, do, teach relentlessly.