If you’re a competitive or recreational athlete who wants to run faster, jump higher or hit harder, you probably want an edge to help maximize your genetic potential. IQ Fit has a phenomenal athlete development program.

Our goal for IQFit athletes is to form strong team chemistry, gain confidence, inspire leadership and create a competitive environment. Sessions will include biomechanical correction, strength training, power development, mobility enhancement, agility improvement and conditioning. The athlete will be assessed using the gold standard test called the FMS, also used by NFL teams. Performance testing that may include squatting, pressing, Olympic lifts and power movements like the vertical leap test, depending on your sport.



Without being a “big box” gym, IQ Fit has an impressive 6,000 SF private facility which includes lockers with showers, personal training space, indoor turf room for drills and conditioning, proper power lifting equipment and a treatment area for rehab or manual therapies.

Sports Nutrition

How do you know if you are consuming the right foods and supplements at the right time to both fuel your event and recover from training? Believe it or not, even many professional athletes do not do this correctly. This is why we reference the best sports nutritionist in the world, Dr. John Berardi PhD. Included in your athlete development program is sports nutrition guidance. This will include such items as:

  • Basic calorie needs from protein, carbs and fats, customized to your body composition
  • Education on truly effective and legal supplements (with parental permission)
  • How to get the right peri-workout nutrients in your body for maximum results

Important Myths About School Sports Programs

Middle school, high school and even most collegiate coaches have a huge task before them. They must oversee the conditioning, practicing, game play and academic issues of each athlete all while trying to produce a winning team. This is very difficult to do well. In fact, I think too many expectations are placed on coaches which can cause some areas to suffer. One area that often suffers, even on conference-contending teams, is attention to individual limitations of each athlete.

For example, most athletes perform lifts like the squat exercise in a group. With dozens of athletes all lifting at the same time, the groups often go unsupervised or lightly supervised simply due to strained resources. Sure, some of the senior leaders can help a struggling freshman. However, what happens when yelling at the kid to work harder or slapping on more weight fails, as it often does? Injury and or disenfranchisement – if the athlete continues to struggle, especially in pain, they will perform way below their potential and may even leave the team. No amount of yelling or weight on the bar is going to improve that squat. Most programs simply do not have the resources to “treat” the athletes unique limitations to allow him to perform effective and safe training. Even at the pro level the athletes usually hire their own trainer outside of the team’s strength and conditioning coach as they know they need the additional help. This is true at all levels, starting in middle school and all the way up.

I give TONS of credit and much respect to coaches who have a family and often teach throughout the day, then spend several hours after school coaching up athletes. But at some point the coaches, the parents and therefore the athlete must realize that individualized attention outside the school or program is required to reach maximum potential.

To this date we have not found a single athlete from the middle school level through the collegiate level who presents to us a properly balanced and periodized program. Here is what we typically see in most school-designed or school–condoned conditioning programs:

  • 3-4 times more pushing than pulling, which is a recipe for shoulder disaster
  • Little or no hip-hinge work, which is the fundamental movement in all sports
  • Severe lack of ancillary work which is a crucial step to develop supporting and stabilizing structure
  • Way too much plyometrics work (e.g. box jumps), which destroys the knees
  • Virtually no tissue quality attention until there is an injury in which the athletic trainer, who is already over-burdened, must try to manage
  • Very restricted ankles and hips, which lead directly to knee injuries

With all this said, we are big believers in team sports and understand there is a culture and a common bond that must be formed to build trust and desire to win. We simply want to help enhance this by helping the individual athletes perform better, which in turn helps the team. IQ 
Fit athlete development programs WILL NOT step on the toes of any coach or program. We will work with your program to enhance the results.

Programs for Every Sport

IQ Fit has athlete development programs for all sports including:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball

And just about any other sport you can think of!

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