IQ Fit’s customized coaching creates the ideal recipe for success. You should first know that our program is modeled after world-class organizations and the most elite coaches in the industry. Lansing is fortunate to have one of the best personal training operations in the nation.

After an in depth assessment, you will have your very own training plan carefully prescribed to safely fast track your results. Sessions begin with myofascial work to release the body’s “brakes” so you can move better.

You then start your RAMP, or Range of Motion, Activation and Movement Preparation. This is the IQ Fit version of a proper warm-up. The RAMP targets tight, stuck or stubborn areas of the body, preparing you for a great training session.

The next step is core activation. Core (or abdominal activation and spinal stabilization) is essential before going into resistance training. Once your core muscles are fired up, your training session is much more effective.

Next you move into your prescribed resistance training. Your training plan will be designed just for you, typically this is the most essential component of improving yourself, your strength and lean body mass increase. You perform exercises that work your entire body, balancing out all planes of motion.

Energy Systems Work (aka cardio) happens next, when qualified, in order to finish the session off with a metabolic boost. This is essential for burning extra body fat over the days following your training session. Finally the session ends with regenerative work such as yoga poses and stretching.

The entire process at IQ Fit is designed to work every single area of importance – proper warm-up, core work, strength training and metabolic training – which dramatically increases the safety and speed of your goal achievement.

Most importantly the training environment is one of high energy and positive encouragement. We are a non-intimidating/non-judgmental facility. Our members are family here at IQ Fit.

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Our Core Values:

  1. Exemplify integrity at all times.
  2. Improve yourself daily.
  3. Only have great days.
  4. Exceed expectations.
  5. Immediately resolve concerns.
  6. Communicate with clear understanding.
  7. Be “we,” not “me.”
  8. Be a pro in all aspects.
  9. Timeliness shows respect.
  10. Have fun everyday.
  11. Clients’ needs come first.
  12. Learn, do, teach relentlessly.

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*Membership investment is based on many factors such as your goals, physical limitation(s), medical conditions, training experience and length of commitment. Get your very own personal membership quote for exactly what you need by clicking HERE to sign up for your complimentary fitness consultation!