We now offer THREE different types of classes and lots more class times. Please check out the description of each one below, and be sure you give one a try. They will not replace your semi-private training sessions, but they are a fun way to work on getting more fit in specific ways.

Metabolic Boost:

The is our toughest class, not for the faint of heart. Met Boost is designed for maximum body fat burn. But, absolutely ZERO bikes and treadmills; you are not a hamster and should not train like one! Met Boost is not a strength class, but rather a functional fitness class. You will be pushing, pulling, dragging, throwing and relaying your way to melting off body fat. High energy music and team environment for those that only feel best after having their butt kicked while having fun! We can modify a few things if you need, but we suggest you have at least a month of Custom Coaching under your belt first. Blast the dust off your slow metabolism and give it a reason to rev-up!


Tight Core: 

This class will work your entire body, but will ensure your core is being challenge on every single lift. While a variety of equipment will be used, Tight Core emphasizes the use of TRX Suspension Training, Dynamax Medicine Ball training and Val Slide Disc work. This is a medium paced class and can be modified for your fitness level. Plus, you won’t find a crunch or sit-up EVER in our gym, as we use only functional core movements that keep your spine healthy and prepare you for everyday activities and sport. Tight Core also uses a five sequence strength-yoga routine. This will integrate your new core strength into the rest of your body and provide a fun challenge. You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe, so come get your core work done so you can move better and have less pain!


Lift & Tone:

A fun, full body class, concentrating on firming up the backside, legs and arms. This medium-paced class uses all sorts of equipment but features Kettle Bells, Undulating Ropes and Band Training. There will be some core work and conditioning to get a great, total body training effect. The warm up for this class uses a special technique called PNF or simply contract-relax. Contract-relax is a very quick way gain proper posture and alignment as muscles loosen and length faster than with any other type of stretching. This allows you to move with less pain, workout harder and be more flexible. We also prescribe special execution tempos to help you really feel the muscles working. Book your Lift & Tone class now so we can get those trouble spots toned up!

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