Hi Lansing! IQ Fit knows that if you are reading this page, you want to lose weight. Well, we’d like to share with you our philosophy on weight loss.

What is weight loss? It’s really a politically correct way to say you want to lose fat, right? Let’s look at some facts. First, there are lots and lots of so-called weight loss programs on the market. It’s been big business for many decades. What do 95+% of these have in common? They don’t care how you lose the weight, just as long as the scale goes down you are happy. Truth- whether you are doing a diet program with special food you have to buy, or doing a program supervised by a doctor, you are doomed to fail.



Because you are doing the “by any means necessary” approach. This means you are most likely cutting calories severely, not doing the right exercise to preserve muscle and you are making short term behavioral changes. The end result is, if you are lucky enough to lose anything, is that you lose a crazy amount of muscle, slow your metabolism down even more and create hormonal issues. Okay you might have lost 10 to 20 lbs, maybe more, but it’s all going to come flying back on like lead to a magnet!

Stop the insanity!

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, yet expecting different results. Well haven’t you had enough experience to know that all these fad or crash diets are not going to truly work long term? Haven’t you heard your friends and family doing the same things year after year? Of course you have.

Here’s the bottom line. Body fat reduction is not merely a calories consumed minus calories burned. It’s MUCH more complicated than that. Thankfully IQ Fit makes it much simpler for you. To attain real, lasting and safe body fat reduction, without losing precious muscle, you really have but one choice and one choice only. Hire an experienced team of coaches that know how to do it the right way.

IQ Fit’s take on this is to not say “lose weight” but to first think “gain health.” Yes, you must GAIN before you LOSE in this case. If your metabolism is not properly working (we know it’s not because of the excess body fat and lack of energy, right?) then how is “dieting” and drinking special potions going to fix it? It’s not, but it will make the situation worse, as you will gain back the weight lost, PLUS some more.

IQ Fit knows how to fix your metabolism, design the proper resistance training so you don’t lose muscle and create accountability to make the necessary lifestyle changes. IQ Fit knows how to do all this safely using an evidence-based approach that has worked for HUNDREDS of clients. When you base your plan on scientific, proven facts, there is no guessing if it will work. It will work because we are following the laws of the body.

The only question is: are you ready to invest some time and energy into doing it the right way? Or are you okay with the status quo and wasting more money on fads and quick fixes that will fail you every time?

Either choose the benefits of discipline or the pain of regret. Choose wisely.

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