IQ Fit of Lansing has a very unique service called Structural Integration (rehab) or post-physical therapy rehab. Most physical therapy patients are encouraged to seek help to continue to strengthen or improve their functional range of motion after the therapy has ended. While this is well intentioned, often there are a few problems with this. One, the therapist may not make an effort to suggest a quality trainer to the patient or may have no suggestion at all. Two, patients are often just barely functional after therapy ends, but they typically still have a long way to go to reach complete functionality or at least to get the maximum use out of the affected area. Therefore their at home exercise are not always the best follow up.

This is where IQ Fit shines. We are one of the top post-physical therapy referral facilities in Lansing. A few of our referral partners are Mindful Movement, the Spine Center and Peak Performance. We get patient referrals from these trusted clinics because the therapists know that their patients will not be injured under our care, they know we will continue to help the affected area(s) improve.

These are some common conditions we have experience with:

  • Back pain due to weak abs, glutes and/or faciitis
  • Tension in neck and head due to hypotonic muscles
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantars faciitis
  • Anterior ankle block
  • Fallen arches
  • “dumb butt syndrome” (weak glutes)
  • IT band friction syndrome
  • piriformis syndrome
  • patello-femoral syndrome
  • shoulder impingement syndrome
  • rotator cuff strain due to repetitive range of motion
  • “pulled” hamstrings
  • “shin splints”
  • general muscle strain and tightness


IQ Fit of Lansing rehab programs start with a complementary strategy session to discuss your case. We will review the injury, procedures, therapies, at home prescriptions, even radiological report of findings to understand your background. This is a crucial step that unfortunately many trainers do not take.
 Next, lead rehab specialist, Jason McCammon, will assess your entire body, paying close attention to the affected areas of injury or dysfunction. It’s crucial we carefully assess you holistically as many pathologies (damage to tissue or joints) result from issues up or down the kinetic chain. For example, you may have had shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff with subsequent therapy. While we will certainly continue to improve your shoulder, often times the etiology (causal path of the pathology) is not in the shoulder. It could be a spinal alignment problem, severe imbalance in key muscles or all the above. While we highly respect PT’s for the work they do, they often do not take the time or have the resources to get to the bottom of every single dysfunction that lead to the injury or dysfunction. This is often one of the limits on our medical system. Since IQ Fit of Lansing is outside of the medical paradigm, we do precisely what is the patient requires for the best outcome. 
Then, a carefully prescribed corrective program is designed to address all the causal factors of the injury. Not only does this ensure that pain is reduced, but it almost guarantees the injury or limitation will not return. For example, roughly 75% of shoulder surgeries are the result of poor posture! Poor spinal curvature puts the shoulder in a biomechanical disadvantage and therefore results in injury over time. Fix the postural problems and you often fix the causal factor behind the shoulder injury. In other words treat the symptoms, but more importantly treat the cause.


IQ Fit uses various methods of treatment to address tissue quality from PNF stretching, dynamic release techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue relase, etc. We also employ hundreds of variations of muscle activation techniques. We are very skilled at getting stubborn hypotonic (not firing) muscles to work. We use various strength techniques such as isokinetic exercise using manually applied force, bands, free weights, body weight, machines, balance apparatus, etc.
 As you continue to improve, you will be prescribed off-site exercise, drills or stretches to progress faster and gain confidence in the affected area. We will carefully review these off-site items, making a printed program upon request.
 We then progress into integrative training, which takes the affected area and helps the body learn to use it as a part of the proper kinetic chain of movement or patterns. This is a very helpful stage, a place that many patients often do not reach without advanced care such at IQ Fit of Lansing. Once you can get integrative use of the affected area, your function with greatly increase while your limitations greatly decreases.

Not just for post-P.T.

You certainly do not have to be a physical therapy patient to use the program. If you have an old, nagging, chronic issue that you are just plain fed up with, our rehab program can definitely help. Want to drive a golf ball farther but you have to shorten your backswing due to back or shoulder pain? This program will rehab and biomechanically correct your body such that you can maximize your game.

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I. Q. Fitness & Wellness Center, Inc. Structural Integration Clinical Session Packs*

*1 year expiration. Session packs are for clinical evaluation, manual therapies, and teaching at-home care. See services page for membership options for fitness goals.