Marji, 51

“I am a 51 year old who was tired of being ”sick and tired”. I have dieted and worked out sporadically most of my life with varying degrees of success with none of them being permanent. I came to IQ FIT as a last attempt to lose my weight and become physically fit; they have done all I could ask. The trainers here are supportive and helpful while getting the results I was looking for. Nutritional advice and wellness education is part of the program. I lost thirty pounds and six inches off my waistline in the first six months! I FEEL AWESOME!!! My overall fitness has greatly improved as well as my attitude in life. I have back and knee issues and while IQ FIT is tough, it’s designed to get the most out me while preventing me from injury… in fact my joints feel better than ever. The facility is wonderful, clean and well maintained. The locker rooms are private so people who have never been gym rats will feel comfortable. While we all know it’s a personal commitment to become physically fit, IQ FIT makes it easier, and believe it or not, FUN!”

Stefan, 45

“The doctors’ solution to my torn hip flexor and arthritic hip was heavy duty pain killers for the past ten years… I could barely walk when I first got to IQ Fit. I was assessed head to toe, and with the careful one on one training I went through, I was able to gain 70% mobility back in my hip and leg. Even though I still had to have my hip replaced, I was off all major pain meds and delayed surgery several years. The hospital staff was shocked at my strength and my ability to maneuver myself after this major surgery. I was able to walk 200 feet and up 4 stairs just hours after surgery! I have lost 105 pounds, 15 inches in my waist, and feel like I turned back the clock more than 20 years!!! I found the staff to be very knowledgeable and up to date with the latest types of resistance training, therapies and mobility exercises. I can now tie my own shoes, which hasn’t happened for more than a decade. Plus, I won my golf league THREE YEARS IN A ROW, which was impossible before IQ Fit. This was all due to the special personal training that I received from these highly skilled professionals. IQ Fit has really saved my life and how could you put a price on life? This is a 5 star establishment!!”

Ashley, 32

Working out at IQ Fit is easily the best decision I have made in years. Jason’s many years of experience and vast knowledge enables him to put together a personalized program that balances the right amount of weight training, cardio exercise, supplement use and proper nutrition; tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. The entire team at IQ Fit has helped me reach levels I did not think were attainable. With Jason’s help, I work out smarter and more effectively. No time or energy is wasted. The effects of the individualized training sessions, and the new body that came with it, have enhanced every aspect of my life. In 9 months I have lost over 60 lbs and 14 inches off my waist! More importantly, I just feel GREAT! I have more energy now than when I was a kid! I always look forward to my training sessions. No matter how I feel when I enter the studio, I always have a great session and leave feeling fabulous! IQ Fit is the best – you have to give these guys a try!

Ray, 54

Working with IQ Fit has been extraordinary! While I have worked with trainers in the past, Jason McCammon and his staff took a special interest in me that I have never experienced before. There is no cookie cutter approach as IQ Fit recognizes the differences of each client. Whether it is weight loss, toning or strength building, Jason designs the programs for the individual, not the individual to the program. Additionally, Jason’s nutritional counseling has helped me adapt a total lifestyle change of how I think about food. A successful healthy lifestyle change involves both good physical exercise and sound nutritional eating. When I started Working with IQ Fit I weighed 304 lbs., had a waist size of 52 inches, and had body fat at over 40%. I am now at a weight of 194 lbs., with a waist size of 36 inches and my body fat is now 16.6%! I have muscles I did know existed and I am in the best shape of my life, even better than when I was 25 years old!!! I can highly recommend IQ Fit to start down a road to that healthy lifestyle change. As others have said, “It just works!”


Complimentary Fitness Consultation includes:
  • Health history review
  • Full body physical assessment
  • Body composition testing
  • Goal setting
  • Complimentary protein smoothie
  • Facility tour and professional recommendations
  • $150 Value, your FREE!
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