The IQ Fit Difference

I.Q. Custom Coaching

… begins with a thorough, head to toe physical evaluation. From there, our specialist crafts your very own, unique personal fitness training program. Since every aspect of your program is specifically designed around your goals, limitations and schedule, you will see the very highest level of success. This is how the best in the world coach their clients to become their very best version of themselves. I.Q. Fit’s Custom Coaching specifically will get you stronger, toned, increase lean body mass and target certain areas (such as a firmer butt!). Plus it will increase functional fitness, which allows you to take on life at full steam, increase your energy and stamina and help correct issues with posture and gait. While no trainer or coach can “treat” any injury or illness, our holistic program will give you the best chance to alleviate the issue. Our made to order, proprietary I.Q. Recovery Shake will ensure you are ready to go for the next session. CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form and get a complimentary assessment and protein smoothie on us!

I.Q. Group Fit

… begins with a careful physical assessment to understand your current training ability. Group Fit classes kick-off with a dynamic warm-up to loosen and prepare your body. Then the instructor demonstrates the class design. Keep in mind, all of our workouts are designed by a specialist in advance – you will NEVER do the same workout twice! After that, it’s GO TIME! I.Q Group Fit classes are an invigorating blend of resistance training and non-impact cardio interval training. An AWESOME, state-of-the-art sound system pulls the experience together and leaves you craving the next class! Forty five minutes will fly by faster than any workout you have ever done. At that point we cool down with a few select restorative yoga poses. Grab one of our low-carb, high-protein I.Q. Recovery Shakes to help you replenish your body, so you can attack the rest of your day. I.Q Group Fit specifically will help you shed stubborn body fat, as the classes are designed to create the highest maximum after-burn possible. Besides leaning out, you will immediately feel more energy through your day, improve sleep quality and feel what it’s like to be an important part of our tribe! CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form and try a FREE class and protein smoothie on us!

Clinical Wellness Consulting

… is the best way to ensure your body is as healthy as possible. The literature is quite clear – nearly all of us are deficient in key nutrients, plus prescription drugs can further deplete our bodies. The take home message here is that even the most consistent and best designed training program is sabotaged by a poor inner ecosystem and dysfunctional biochemistry. Our wellness specialist will carefully evaluate every aspect of your lifestyle from your regular eating patterns, GI issues, drugs and supplements, clinical data such as food sensitivity testing and blood assays and many other areas. After a thorough analysis, corrective recommendations will be suggested, using only evidence-based scientific facts and clinical experience. Few physicians and practitioners are up to date on the latest credible research findings. There is so much info, how do you process what is right for you? This the entire reason why we offer this unique option. CLICK HERE to book your complimentary consultation to learn more.

Clinical Restorative Sessions

… one of the worst things you or your practitioner can do is chase pain. I know all too well just how terrible chronic pain can be. That said, in most cases, pain is just the body telling you, you have reached the limit in abusing the WHOLE kinetic system. While pain relief is often needed just to allow basic daily life function, pain-relief is not a long term solution when it comes to most soft-tissue and posture-position caused issues. These make up the vast majority of painful conditions. The shortest path to less pain and more mobility, is to find the root cause(s) and work with an expert in biomechanics, who globally addresses THE WHOLE SYSTEM. Only at that point, can a proper restorative plan be put into place. Check this out: we see many clients who have knee, back and shoulder pain. In general, when we address their foot mechanics, deep core strength, breathing mechanics and spinal alignment, etc., these issues start to go away. Long term, you can see this is really the only logical way to go about addressing nagging, chronic ailments. Ask yourself if the practitioner you are working with has made a sincere effort to look at the whole picture, and assess ALL the factors? Have you made significant progress at their direction? Are you able to get back to the activities you truly love? Or, maybe you just want to live the healthiest, most pain-free life possible! Then, CLICK HERE to book your complimentary consultation to learn more.

I.Q. Group Fit Memberships average between $6 and $8 per class. CLICK HERE to take a FREE class and protein smoothie on us!

I.Q. Custom Coaching Memberships investments vary based on your individual needs. After an assessment and goal planning, we will give you our professional recommendation.