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We know your health is important to you. We want to help you make an informed decision towards your next step on your health journey. Who you choose to work with matters, as this will profoundly affect your quality of life.

Slide We love the positive energy that exudes from each and every individual you encounter at IQFit. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. Everyone seems to bond and everyone is smiling. IQFit has enhanced our everyday life because our needs and interests change over time, thus, experiencing new ways to exercise evolve with our ever-changing lifestyle. Thanks to Jason and his team, Carmela has been removing her limp from her gait and is experiencing positive results! Michael & Carmela IQ Fit Smartie

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Your free custom session includes goal planning, health history review and custom training session with a coach or a group class. Sessions are limited – book TODAY!

Sobe, G "Not sure where to start from but Jason and his crew at IQFit are just phenomenal. I feel very lucky that I found this place...! - Sobe Google Review Jess, F "IQ Fit has become the best part of my day. Try it!" - Jess Facebook Review Dr Kylene, G "Not only have I been a client for almost a year but many of my patients have been for even longer. [Jason] and his team are patient, not pushy and encouraging at all times!" - Dr. Kylene Google Review Yvette, F "Great coaches, positive atmosphere have done a lot to make me (an awkward, uncoordinated woman in her fifties) feel as if I fit in." - Yvette Facebook Review Dr. Janet, G "Great workouts and a way to push yourself to the next limit!" - Dr. Janet Google Review Stacey, F "Even though I no longer live in the city, it’s worth the 40 minute drive just to be with my fellow “smarties!” - Stacey Facebook Review Randie, G "Worth every penny. I have come out of the program twice as dedicated and knowledgeable when it comes to my own fitness." - Randie Google Review Brett, F "Between that and the personalized custom technique & nutrition plan, this facility is well worth the money." - Brett Facebook Review Dena, G "I have been to several different fitness centers, worked with many personal trainers. IQ Fit is second to none!" - Dena Google Review Abbie,F "A gym that cares about people?! What?! Yes! Working out is fun again! Thank you IQ fit staff and fellow members!" - Abbie Facebook Review Namitsui, G "It's personal, it's effective, and I dropped two and a half sizes in 2 months! It can't get better than this :)" - Namitsui Google Review Kiffi,F "I am far more fit and comfortable moving strongly and more stable." - Kiffi Facebook Review Jadi, G "I can honestly say that the people here have made it “easy” for me to establish a more healthy lifestyle!" - Jadi Google Review Maleeha,F "...this is my fav place where I come, enjoy and here I got the body which I always wanted!" - Maleeha Facebook Review Sandy, G "Already improvements in posture and balance [in just 4 weeks]. Clean, friendly, fun, atmosphere!" - Sandy Google Review Sarah, F "I am in the best shape of my life because of my coaches at IQ Fit!" - Sarah Facebook Review Sarah, G "After every single workout it feels like you have accomplished climbing up mount Everest. I am amazed at how much muscle and endurance I have gained!" - Sarah Google Review Siddhesh, F "I lost 6% body fat in just 4 weeks... I recommend this place if you need to change your lifestyle and achieve fitness goals!" - Siddhesh Facebook Review Andre, G "I had neck pain... after working with IQFIT, in a matter of days I was sleeping better and by day four I woke with no pain!" - Andre Google Review Herman, F "My husband and I are at the half-way point of our 6 week lean down challenge and we are ecstatic with the results! I have already lost 14 pounds and I feel GREAT!" - Herman Facebook Review Kevin, G "I’m in my 50's and had never been able to stick with a diet or exercise program for more than a week or two until joining IQ Fit!" - Kevin Google Review Betsy, F "The trainers keep you motivated and the workouts interesting; the members inspire you to return again and again!" - Betsy Facebook Review Teresa, G "... they gave me a lot of good input and joy for the first time in my life I finally listened and it works!" - Teresa Google Review Katie, F "You're not just getting a gym, you're getting a community that backs your goals to improve yourself and your life!" - Katie Facebook Review

Slide My career had taken a front seat to my health and fitness, but I decided it was time for a change. Now, at 52, I recommitted to 4-5 hours a week to fitness. My focus returned, my hot flashes dissipated, no more hip or knee pain, AND I could play with my granddaughter without limit again. Most importantly, my confidence returned. My strong body has given me internal strength thanks to IQFIT! Sue IQ Fit Smartie

What is I. Q. Health & Rehabilitation?

Lead by our Naturopathic Practitioner, Jason McCammon, I.Q. provides rehabilitative services to help our clients move better, feel better, perform better and look better. We help our clients overcome injuries, chronic pain, poor eating habits, dependency on some medications and lack of accountability.

We know our clients’ end goal is not necessarily to find a rehab center, but to ultimately get to a healthy body weight, keep up with their kids or grandkids, and have a higher quality of life over all. Sure rehab might sound boring, but not only do our coaches make it fun, our clients tell us it’s truly the missing link they have been hoping for.

What if I’m not a stroke or heart attack victim – why do I need “rehab?”

We do handle clinical post-physical therapy rehab for those affected by a stroke, heart attack, traumatic brain injury and other major life events. But, you don’t have to be in that category or have a referral from a doctor to work with us. In fact, most clients join us without a doctor’s referral! Think of I.Q. Health & Rehab as a much more expert, professional and comprehensive form of “personal training,” designed by a practitioner instead of a trainer.

Furthermore, our version of rehab is holistic. Holistic rehab means we carefully assess you, both how you move AND your inner ecosystem. This inner ecosystem concerns your gut health, your hormone signaling, and nutrient sufficiency, just to name a few. Unlike many physical therapy offices or rehab centers who focus merely on the physical aspect, we look at the whole health picture. Our clients get the best outcome when they get healthy from top to bottom, inside and out.

What does an I.Q Rehab program look like – what do we actually do?

The I.Q. Rehab program consists of a 100% customized wellness program for each client. A detailed assessment is first completed including health history review, goal planning, movement capabilities and biochemical analyses. Then a comprehensive care plan is prescribed by our Naturopathic Practitioner. This includes corrective exercise such as strength training and stretching. Equally important, a custom nutrition program is included to help lower the inflammation that may be causing pain and excess weight gain. Being truly holistic, our prescribed care plans even include emotional rehab techniques, as we want our clients to have a complete wellness solution.

What’s the next step?

Locate one of the contact forms on this page. Fill it out and share your personal story with us. We will contact you and begin a discussion. If we feel we are a good fit for you, we will suggest a free consultation to complete the comprehensive assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment, we will review our clinical report of findings which details exactly what’s going on and how we propose to address the items. We only partner with you if we have the capacity to take on a new client and if we feel it’s a great mutual fit.

If you want to move better, feel better, perform better and look better, get in touch today! Take care and we hope to chat with you soon!

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Reserve Your FREE Custom Session!

Your free custom session includes goal planning, health history review and custom training session with a coach or a group class.

Sessions are limited – book TODAY!