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We know your health is important to you. We want to help you make an informed decision towards your next step on your health journey. Who you choose to work with matters, as this will profoundly effect your quality of life.

Please take a moment to watch the brief video below, which will give you great insight to why we get exceptional results for our Smarties, and will help you determine whether I.Q. is the right FIT for you!

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Your free custom session includes goal planning, health history review and custom training session with a coach or a group class. Sessions are limited – book TODAY!


Our program is built on evidence-based methods, proven to fire up your metabolism, without dieting or boring, repetitive cardio. You used to be able to just move more and eat less, but there is now a multitude of factors which must be addressed to get and keep results. We are pros at finding what’s holding you back and creating your very own custom exercise and nutrition plan to get you lean, once and for all. Done feeling like a hamster on a wheel? We have got results for thousands of clients for nearly 20 years. Let’s get you out of rodent life and back to enjoying being a human again. Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to fast track you to permanent fat loss!

Toning requires full body strength workouts to develop muscles and to reduce the body fat that might be covering them up, so you can actually see all your hard work. A custom resistance training program, whole-food based nutrition program and our fat-melting group classes are typically the ideal combination to get you that toned look. Feel free to place the blame squarely on our shoulders when you have tons of fun shopping for a hot new wardrobe! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get your body toned, so you look better nekkid!

You can have your cake (or should we say protein shake) and eat it too! We are known as Your Smartest 55 Minutes for a reason. We know you cannot afford to waste your precious time on workouts that are not made for you, since you won’t see results. Our program is so effective, you can come as little as twice per week and see results! All sessions include unique correctives, custom strength program, cardio to burn fat and a cool-down. Plus, we will have an all-natural IQ Recovery Shake waiting for you so you can hit the road. Here’s the best part: unlike the typical personal trainer, we only require an hour notice to book a session! That’s like crazy convenient, huh?! The clock is ticking – what are you waiting for? Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to make the best use of your time!

Join the club! Oops, I didn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing – most of our clients were lost on where to start, just like you. We are not a no-pain, no-gain gym, full of gym-rats and meat-heads! In fact, most of our clients have never officially performed resistance training or had a professional fitness coach. Not only is your program tailored to your exact needs, but we start “low and slow” to help you learn the ropes. Plus, we always have highly trained, friendly and patient staff to coach you through every. single. exercise. There is no better place to start your journey… plus, we are just really friggin cool people! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get started the right way, with people who care!

This is quite a paradox – it takes energy to have energy. Here’s the deal: this is usually a sign you are deficient in many critical nutrients, your gut health may need a tune-up, you might need better sleep and your adrenal glands, which control your immune system and metabolism, might need a break. We go to great lengths to learn your unique health history and address all your body’s systems holistically. Once you implement your evidence-based custom training, nutrition and lifestyle program, you will get that spring back in your step before you know it. Just do us a favor – be careful not to out-run your poor dog on a leash with all your new found energy! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get your mojo back!

We take pain very seriously. The good news is we have found nearly all orthopedic pain is soft-tissue and alignment based. Yes, this means it’s fixable. We carefully assess you, head to toe, with our gentle range of motion testing. Combined with our health history review, we will be able to show you the root cause of your dysfunction and what can be done about it. Since we employ a scientific approach, your custom program will have correctives and rehab exercises built right in. We are one of the only fitness programs in Lansing trusted by area Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Physicians, who refer patients to us and are I.Q. FIT clients. At I.Q., we are all gain and no pain! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to address the root cause of your pain once and for all!

Strength is not really about being able to slap huge plates on a bar and pick it up. It’s about being able to get back to your favorite sport. Getting on and off the floor with your kids and grand kids. Improving or preserving bone density and many other quality of life areas. In fact, the #1 reason why seniors end up in assisted living is losing the ability to get on and off the toilet. We can fix that! Once we find out what type of strength you want to build, we create a unique custom program to accomplish exactly that. Being strong removes many of the limitations you might be dealing with, both physical and mental. Strong is smart, sexy, confident and healthy, helping you live longer and better… just don’t let it go to your head! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get started on your plan to move mountains!

Recreational or competitive athlete? Well, then you must have your unique weaknesses addressed to improve your game. Is it your stamina? Power? Speed? Agility? Recovery? Or a combination or all the above? Tell us what part of your game you want to improve. After we assess you and understand your goals, we will create your very own world-class custom program. This can include resistance training, nutrition, recovery techniques, off-site training and much more. We work with youth, all the way up through professional athletes. Even collegiate, Division 1 programs will not address your individual needs – we know, as we get D1 athletes all the time who still have tons of imbalances. You must find your secret weapon to perform better. After all, you can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe! Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get and keep you at the top of your game!

To move better you first must address your tissue quality. What the heck is that??? Over time your muscles, fascia and other soft tissues get beat up and shorten in length. A big myth is that stretching can fix this. Actually, the only way to fix this is to remove the knots (we call it beef jerky), restore movement to stiff and stubborn joints, and strengthen the system to make the changes permanent. Our gentle, world-class assessment uncovers all the body parts and systems which need special attention. This is the cornerstone of our program – we work on movement quality before movement quantity. This approach will restore length to your muscle, take the stress off the joints and help teach the brain this new “normal” so you can move to accomplish whatever life throws at you. While you might not make the next Olympic gymnastics team, we can get you back to or keep you running, climbing, hiking or just more functional around the house. Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to get and keep you enjoying life to the fullest!

Nutrition is one of the most critical areas you must control to feel, look, move and perform better. It’s also the best way to prevent major chronic illness. You might think this would be easy with all the health information available today. Yet, it’s one of the most difficult areas to navigate successfully. Lucky for you, I.Q. Fit has an evidence-based approach to nutrition. One that’s grounded in science and years of experience helping thousands of clients. We don’t get sucked into fads or what’s being promoted on theNew York Times Best Seller List. We, as a culture, need to stop the fad diet merry-go-round… one year it’s Low Fat, then it’s Paleo, the next year it’s Vegan. What about Intermittent Fasting? My friend told me Keto is da bomb… [SMH] What a waste of energy. Let’s stop the madness – there is a MUCH better way!! This is why we teach practical lifestyle principles which strike a balance between what you need to be healthy and consuming foods you actually like. Further, our Holistic Health Consultant can assess your individual needs and create the best plan for your metabolic type.You have many individual factors such as digestive efficiency, food intolerance, endocrine dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies and the list goes on… and on… and on. Unless you plan to drop everything and start your Master’s Degree in dietetics, it’s just sooooo much easier to let us help you. Click HERE to book your complimentary I.Q. Fitness Evaluation to help you stop the food fight!

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Reserve Your FREE Custom Session!

Your free custom session includes goal planning, health history review and custom training session with a coach or a group class.

Sessions are limited – book TODAY!